NBP Jobs Openings 2024: Apply Online Today

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National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)

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The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) serves as the central bank and a key financial institution in the country, playing a pivotal role in regulating the monetary system and overseeing financial stability. Established in 1948, NBP not only formulates and implements monetary policies but also operates as a commercial bank, offering a comprehensive range of financial services. With an extensive network of branches across Pakistan and international locations, NBP is integral to currency issuance, management of foreign exchange reserves, and fostering economic growth through its diverse banking functions.

Responsibilities Of NBP

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Benefits of NBP Jobs

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Advertisement NBP Jobs 2024

Experience1 – 5 years
Total Vacancies500
Offered Salary50000–100000
Age30–50 year
GenderMale, Female
Level of SkillBanking
DesignationManagement, Banking
Updated OnApril 03, 2024
Last Date to applyApril 09, 2024
Nbp Jobs Openings 2024: Apply Online Today
Advertisement NBP Jobs 2024

Vacant Position

  • Unit Head – Network Security & Compliance (AVP-VP)
  • Unit Head – IT Infra. Audit Management & Compliance (AVP-VP)
  • Unit Head – Infrastructure Security & Compliance (AVP-VP)
  • Unit Head – Infra. Policies, Procedures & Risk Management (AVP-VP)
  • Unit Head – Home Remittance Marketing (OGII-OGI)
  • Unit Head – Corporate Banking (VP)
  • Unit Head – Cash Management Sales (AVP-VP)
  • Team Member – International Audits (OGII-OGI)
  • Team Leader – International Audits (OGI-AVP)
  • Solution Architect (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Senior Relationship Manager – Home Remittance Business (OGI)
  • Senior Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking (AVP-VP)
  • Senior Credit Reviewer (AVP-VP)
  • Relationship Manager (RBG) (OG-III)
  • Relationship Manager (AIBG) (OG-II)
  • Relationship Manager – Trade Finance (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Relationship Manager – Corporate Banking (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Relationship Manager – Cash Management Sales (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Officer Analytics (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Network Security Analyst (OG-II / OG-I)
  • MIS Officer (OG-II / OG-I)
  • Infrastructure Security Analyst (OG-I / AVP)
  • Group Chief Retail Banking Group (SEVP)
  • General Banking Officer (OGIII-OGII)
  • Financial Data Analyst (OGII-OGI)
  • Finance Officer (OGIII-OGII)
  • Divisional Head Compensation & Benefits (SVP-EVP)
  • Department Head – Financial Reporting – Consolidated Accounts (AVP-VP)
  • Credit Analyst (OGI-AVP)
  • Branch Manager (OGI)
  • Associate (OG-II / OG-I)
  • ADC Support Officer (OG-II / OG-I)

Eligibility Criteria

  • For NBP jobs Bachelor/Master from a recognized university is required to apply.
  • Candidates having 05 years of relevant banking experience would be preferred during the selection procedure. Freshers are also encouraged to apply.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 30 to 50 years.
  • The last date for applying is April 09, 2024.

How To Apply

Interested candidates who satisfy the eligibility requirements must submit their applications via the “Apply Online” button provided below or the official website https://www.sidathyder.com.pk/jobs/index.html.

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  • What is the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)?
    • The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) serves as both the central bank and a significant financial institution in the country. Established in 1948, NBP plays a crucial role in regulating the monetary system, overseeing financial stability, and providing a wide range of financial services as a commercial bank.
  • What are the responsibilities of NBP?
    • NBP formulates and implements monetary policies, operates as a commercial bank offering comprehensive financial services, manages currency issuance, oversees foreign exchange reserves, and contributes to economic growth through its banking functions.
  • What are the benefits of NBP jobs?
    • NBP offers numerous benefits including competitive salaries ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 PKR, opportunities for career advancement, a diverse range of positions from management to banking roles, and a conducive work environment.
  • What positions are available in NBP jobs for 2024?
    • NBP is currently offering various positions including Unit Heads, Team Members, Solution Architects, Relationship Managers, Analysts, Officers, Managers, Associates, and Support Officers across different levels and departments.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for NBP jobs?
    • Candidates must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognized university, preferably with 1-5 years of relevant banking experience. The age requirement for applicants is between 30 to 50 years.
  • How can I apply for NBP jobs?
    • Interested candidates meeting the eligibility criteria can apply online through the official website or by using the “Apply Online” button provided in the job advertisement. The deadline for applications is April 09, 2024.
  • Where can I find more information about NBP jobs?
    • For further details regarding specific job descriptions, application procedures, and updates, applicants are encouraged to visit the official website at www.sidathyder.com.pk/jobs/index.html or contact the NBP Human Resources department.
  • Are fresh graduates eligible to apply for NBP jobs?
    • Yes, fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for NBP positions. While relevant experience is preferred, NBP also considers candidates based on their qualifications, skills, and potential for growth within the organization.
  • What is the selection process for NBP jobs?
    • The selection process for NBP jobs typically involves screening of applications, followed by assessments, interviews, and background checks. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further steps in the recruitment process.
  • Can I apply for multiple positions at NBP simultaneously?
    • Yes, candidates can apply for multiple positions at NBP based on their qualifications and interests. However, it is essential to ensure that each application is tailored to the specific job requirements and responsibilities outlined in the job descriptions.

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