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Dreaming of a trip to Dubai from Pakistan? Dive into the glamour of the city’s skyline, lavish lifestyle, and rich culture. To turn your dream into reality, learn how to apply for a Dubai visit visa. Our guide, courtesy of Grow More Career (GMC), covers all the crucial details and costs for obtaining your Dubai visit visa from Pakistan.

Dubai Visit Visa From Pakistan
Dubai Visit Visa From Pakistan

What is Dubai Visit Visa?

A visit visa is a short-term authorization enabling individuals to reside in Dubai for a designated duration. Whether your purpose is leisure, business, or visiting family and friends, securing a visit visa is an essential part of your travel arrangements.

Types of Dubai Visit Visa

Embark on your journey to Dubai with a range of visit visa options tailored to suit every purpose and stay duration. Here’s your passport to the possibilities:

Tourist Visas

  • 30-Day Single Entry Visa: Dive into the Dubai experience with a 30-day stay, perfect for quick leisure getaways or business rendezvous.
  • 90-Day Single Entry Visa: Extend your stay to 90 days, ideal for indulging in longer vacations or immersive business trips.
  • 90-Day Multiple Entry Visa: Seize the freedom of multiple entries within 180 days, each granting a 30-day stay. Tailored for frequent travelers and those exploring Dubai in short bursts.

Other Visit Visa

  • Transit Visa: Elevate your layovers with a stay of up to 96 hours in Dubai, perfect for short stopovers or exploring the city in transit.
  • On-Arrival Visa: Enjoy the convenience of a free 30-day single-entry visa upon arrival at Dubai International Airport. Please note that this option is subject to change and may not be available at all times.

Ready to embark on your Dubai adventure? Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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Apply for Dubai Visit Visa from Pakistan

Embarking on the thrill of obtaining a Dubai visit visa from Pakistan? Here’s your guide to a seamless and successful application process:

  • Clarify Intent and Duration: Tailor your choice based on your travel plans – whether it’s a short vacation (opt for the 30-Day Single Entry Visa) or frequent business trips (consider the 90-Day Multiple Entry Visa).
  • Online Ease: Navigate the official UAE eVisa website or Emirates airline platform for a user-friendly online application experience.
  • In-Person Prowess: If you prefer physical submission, visit the UAE embassy/consulate in Pakistan or authorized visa service providers.
  • Valid Passport: Ensure a minimum of six months’ validity from your planned arrival in Dubai.
  • Complete Visa Application Form: Download from the chosen platform or obtain from the embassy – fill it meticulously.
  • Photographs: Two or four passport-sized, following specifications on the website.
  • Travel Proof: Present flight booking or travel itinerary.
  • Accommodation Evidence: Showcase hotel reservation or a sponsor’s invitation letter.
  • Financial Records: Bank statements exhibiting ample funds for your stay.
  • Extras: Specific documents like health insurance or employment contracts might be needed – check the official website for clarity.
  • Online Marvel: Follow on-screen instructions, upload scanned documents, and pay fees with a credit or debit card.
  • In-Person Charisma: Submit your application and fees physically at the embassy/consulate or designated visa service provider.
  • Online applications offer real-time status updates, while in-person applicants can check the status on the embassy/consulate website or directly contact them.
  • Upon approval, receive your visa electronically or through the designated collection method.
  • Apply well in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Ensure all documents are valid, complete, and meet specified requirements.
  • Double-check your application form for accuracy before submission.
  • Consider travel insurance for added peace of mind.

May this comprehensive guide pave the way for your Dubai visit visa with utmost ease! Safe travels!

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Dubai Visit Visa Fees for Pakistanis 2024

Type of VisaOnline/eVisa FeesIn-Person Fees (with potential additional costs)
30-Day Single Entry VisaAED 370 (approx. PKR 9,900)Similar to online fees, plus potential AED 100-200
90-Day Single Entry VisaAED 570 (approx. PKR 15,200)Similar to online fees, plus potential AED 100-200
90-Day Multiple Entry VisaAED 990 (approx. PKR 26,600)Similar to online fees, plus potential AED 100-200
  • Fees are subject to change; refer to the official UAE eVisa website or the UAE embassy/consulate in Pakistan for the latest updates.
  • Additional fees may apply for express processing or other services.
  • Payment methods:
  • Online applications: Credit or debit cards
  • In-person applications: Cash or card options

Helpful Resources for Visa Fees

I trust this illuminates the Dubai Visit Visa fees for Pakistanis in 2024. If you seek further clarification or assistance with specific fees for your chosen visa type and application method, feel free to inquire!

Visa Cancellation

If you find yourself with a Dubai visit visa you no longer need, canceling it is a breeze for Pakistani citizens. Here’s your go-to guide for 2024:

When to Cancel

  • Unused visa: For visas with extended validity, it’s wise to cancel them if unused to sidestep potential hurdles in future applications.
  • Change of plans: If your Dubai travel plans shift, it’s advisable to cancel your visa promptly.
  • Near expiry: To avoid overstay fines or blacklisting, cancel your visa if it’s nearing expiration and won’t be utilized.

Cancellation Methods

  • Online Ease: Head to the official UAE eVisa website for a hassle-free online cancellation. Just have your passport details and visa application reference number handy.
  • In-person Grace: Visit the nearest UAE embassy, consulate in Pakistan, or an authorized visa service provider. Bring along your original passport and visa copy.

Fees and Processing Time

  • Online Cancelation: AED 100 (approx. PKR 2,700). Enjoy a swift process typically completed within 1-3 working days.
  • In-person Cancelation: Fees may vary by service provider, but anticipate similar processing times as online cancellations.

Key Notes

  • Visa Validity: Cancel only valid visas; expired ones automatically lose validity.
  • Refund Reminder: Visa fees are non-refundable.
  • Travel Tidbit: Canceling a visa doesn’t guarantee future approvals. Always adhere to official travel guidelines and visa requirements.

Additional Resources

Remember, canceling your visa is a responsible step ensuring smooth future travel plans. Follow these guidelines and utilize the provided resources for a seamless cancellation process.

Hope this information proves helpful! Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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Required Documents for Specific Airline

Embarking on a Dubai visit from Pakistan? The documents required may vary slightly based on your chosen airline, but fear not! Here’s a vibrant breakdown of the core requirements and some airline-specific nuances:

General Must-Haves

  • Valid Pakistani Passport: Ensure it’s valid for at least six months from your Dubai arrival date.
  • Visa Application Form: Download from the airline’s site or obtain from the UAE embassy/consulate – fill it accurately.
  • Passport-Sized Photos: Usually two or four, specifications on the airline’s website.
  • Proof of Travel: Flight confirmation or itinerary from your chosen airline.
  • Accommodation Proof: Hotel reservation or an invitation letter from a Dubai sponsor.

Airline-Specific Touches (May Vary)

  • Emirates: A copy of your Emirates flight ticket or a ticket from their codeshare partner.
  • Flydubai: Proof of income like salary slips or bank statements.
  • Qatar Airways: Typically, no extra documents needed beyond the general ones.

Additional Documents (Depending on Visa Type)

  • Financial Docs: Bank statements showing funds for your Dubai stay.
  • Health Insurance: Some visas may require coverage for medical expenses and repatriation.
  • Employment Contract: If sponsored by your employer, an employment contract may be needed.
  • No-Objection Certificate: Required for children under 21 traveling alone or with their mother without their guardian.

Pro Tips

  • Double-check specifics on your airline’s website or contact customer service for clarity.
  • Ensure all docs are valid, complete, and meet size/format specs.
  • Apply well in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Remember, these are general guidelines; specifics may vary. Always check the UAE eVisa website or the UAE embassy/consulate for the latest info.

Hope this clarifies your Dubai visit visa essentials! Feel free to inquire for any further assistance!

Uae Visa
UAE Visa

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Required Documents For Non-Restricted Airline

Ready to soar to Dubai with a non-restricted airline from Pakistan? The documents you’ll need may vary slightly based on your chosen visa type, but fear not! Here’s a dazzling rundown to make your application a breeze:

Essential Sky-High Papers

  • Valid Pakistani Passport: Ensure it’s your travel companion, valid for at least six months beyond your Dubai return date.
  • Visa Application Form: Download from the UAE eVisa website or grab it from the UAE embassy/consulate in Pakistan or an authorized service provider. Fill it out with precision.
  • Two Recent Passport-sized Photos: Meet the size and background color specs mentioned on your chosen application platform.
  • Proof of Travel: Showcase your non-restricted airline’s flight booking confirmation or itinerary with travel dates.
  • Accommodation Proof: Flaunt your hotel reservation or an inviting letter from a Dubai sponsor, complete with their contact info and ID copy.
  • Financial Docs: Bank statements revealing sufficient funds to make your Dubai stay a splendid one. The amount may dance a bit depending on your visa type and stay duration.

Extra Lift-Off Papers (For Special Visa Types):

  • Health Insurance: Elevate your application with valid health insurance, especially for multiple-entry visas.
  • Employment Contract: If your journey is business-bound, don’t forget to pack your employment contract.
  • Proof of Relationship: For family visas, bring along birth certificates, marriage certificates, or family books.

Smooth Skyway Application Tips:

  • Early Gathering: Collect all documents well before liftoff to avoid last-minute turbulence.
  • Validity Check: Ensure every document is valid, complete, and in tune with specified requirements.
  • Precision Assurance: Double-check your application form for a smooth flight.
  • Time Travel: Apply well before your travel date, especially when the skies are busy.
  • Guardian Angel Insurance: Consider travel insurance for an extra layer of peace.

Remember, these are the wings to your journey. Specifics may vary, so check the UAE eVisa website or the UAE embassy/consulate for the freshest info.

This guide is your passport to a seamless Dubai visit visa application with a non-restricted airline from Pakistan! Bon Voyage!

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Express Services

Dreaming of the glitz and glam of Dubai but running short on time for visa formalities? Fret not, Pakistani travelers! Fast-track your Dubai visit visa application with these express options for a speedy takeoff:

1. Express Online Visa Services

Various official and authorized platforms are geared up for express visa processing:

  • UAE eVisa Website: The government’s official portal offers an express processing option, slashing the waiting time to a mere 36 hours for various visit visas (30-day, 90-day single/multiple entry).
  • Emirates Airline: If you’re flying with Emirates, their online visa application service offers an express option with processing in just 48 hours.
  • VFS Global: This authorized visa service provider presents priority processing for specific visa types, potentially reducing your wait time.

2. Premium Lounge Services

Select Dubai travel agencies and visa service providers roll out the red carpet with premium lounge services, including:

  • Dedicated Visa Specialists: Personalized assistance for document preparation, application submission, and tracking.
  • Priority Processing: Skip the queue and fast-track your visa application.
  • Airport Meet-and-Greet: Enjoy a hassle-free arrival with assistance upon landing in Dubai.

3. Urgent Visa on Arrival

Pakistani passport holders can snag a free 30-day single-entry visa on arrival at Dubai International Airport. Keep in mind, it’s discretionary approval and not guaranteed, especially during peak seasons.

Crucial Considerations

  • Express services may come at an additional cost compared to standard processing.
  • Ensure you meet eligibility requirements; details are on the platform’s website.
  • Remember, express processing times aren’t guaranteed and may encounter unforeseen delays.

Beyond Express Services

A seamless visa application depends on several factors:

  • Complete and Accurate Application: Double-check your documents for validity and compliance with requirements.
  • Early Application: Apply well in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider adding travel insurance for extra peace of mind during your Dubai adventure.

With careful planning and tapping into these express options, Pakistani travelers can set sail for Dubai in no time!

Additional Tips

  • Stay updated with the latest visa info from official UAE government websites or Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Consider consulting a reputable travel agency or visa specialist for personalized guidance.
  • Pack light and be ready for the warm embrace of Dubai!

I hope this info turbocharges your Dubai visit visa journey, making it an unforgettable adventure! Safe travels!

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